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Electron Microscopy Group



Email: fuk21(at)cam(dot)ac(dot)uk

Twitter: @fukosasih

I am a PhD researcher working under the supervision of Prof. Caterina Ducati and a member of Downing College. Prior to Cambridge, I received my B.Eng. with Honours in Materials Science and Engineering from the National University of Singapore. My research is focused on applying analytical SEM and TEM to study the properties, stability, and upscaling of perovskite solar cells. Beyond day-to-day research, I mentor prospective Indonesian graduate students through the Indonesia Mengglobal Mentorship Program. I also teach Materials Science IB supervision classes for Trinity College (2018-2020) and supervise Mini/Midi projects for NanoDTC students (2019-2021).

My research is funded by the Jardine FoundationCambridge Trust, and ESTEEM3, an EU Horizon 2020 program.





Selected Publications

Kosasih, F.U., Cacovich, S., Divitini, G., Ducati, C. (2020). Nanometric Chemical Analysis of Beam-sensitive Materials: A Case Study of STEM-EDX on Perovskite Solar Cells. Small Methods, x(xx), xx.

Kosasih, F.U., Rakocevic, L., Aernouts, T., Poortmans, J., Ducati, C. (2019). Electron Microscopy Characterisation of P3 Lines and Laser Scribing-induced Perovskite Decomposition in Perovskite Solar Modules. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces11(49), 45646-45655.

Kosasih, F.U., & Ducati, C. (2018). Characterising degradation of perovskite solar cells through in-situ and operando electron microscopy. Nano Energy47, 243–256.

Kosasih, F.U., & Ducati, C. (2018). Attaining High Photovoltaic Efficiency and Stability with Multidimensional Perovskites. ChemSusChem11(24), 4193–4202.

Di Giacomo, F., Castriotta, L.A., Kosasih, F.U., Di Girolamo, D., Ducati, C., Di Carlo, A. (2020). Upscaling Inverted Perovskite Solar Cells: Optimization of Laser Scribing for Highly Efficient Mini-modules. Micromachines, 11(12), 1127.

Nia, N.Y., Zendehdel, M., Abdi-Jalebi, M., Castriotta, L.A., Kosasih, F.U., Lamanna, E., Abolhasani, M.M., Zheng, Z., Andaji-Garmaroudi, Z., Asadi, K., Divitini, G., Ducati, C., Friend, R.H., Di Carlo, A. (2020). Beyond 17% Stable Perovskite Solar Module via Polaron Arrangement of Tuned Polymeric Hole Transport Layer. Nano Energy, x(xx), xx.

Andaji-Garmaroudi, Z., Abdi-Jalebi, M., Kosasih, F.U., Doherty, T.A.S., Macpherson, S., Bowman, A., Man, G., Cappel, U., Rensmo, H., Ducati, C., Friend, R.H., Stranks, S.D. (2020). Elucidating and Mitigating Degradation Processes in Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes. Advanced Energy Materials, x(xx), xx.

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Wang, H., Kosasih, F.U., Yu, H., Zheng, G., Zhang, J., Pozina, G., Liu, Y, Bao, C., Hu, Z., Liu, X., Kobera, L., Abbrent, S., Brus, J., Jin, Y., Fahlman, M., Friend, R.H., Ducati, C., Liu, X-K., Gao, F. (2020). Perovskite-Molecule Hybrid Thin Films for Efficient and Stable Solution-processed Light-emitting Diodes. Nature Communications, 11, 891

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Di Girolamo, D., Matteocci, F., Kosasih, F.U., Chistiakova, G., Zuo, W., Divitini, G., Korte, L., Ducati, C., Di Carlo, A., Dini, D., Abate, A. (2019). Stability and Dark Hysteresis Correlate in NiO‐Based Perovskite Solar Cells. Advanced Energy Materials, 9(31), 1901642.

Ruggeri, E., Anaya, M., Galkowski, K., Delport, G., Kosasih, F.U., Abfalterer, A., Mackowski, S., Ducati, C., Stranks, S.D. (2019). Controlling the Growth Kinetics and Optoelectronic Properties of 2D/3D Lead-Tin Perovskite Heterojunctions. Advanced Materials, 31(51), 1905247.