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Electron Microscopy Group


Projects, Studentships and Vacancies

There are opportunities to join our research team at all levels. Please read through the appropriate sections to learn more about these opportunities:


If you are a current Cambridge undergraduate student

There are often small research projects ideally suited to run through the undergraduate vacations, involving data analysis, technique development or the study of specific materials. The nature of these projects changes with the exact details of the research being done in the group. If you are interested in undertaking a project, you are welcome to make informal enquiries to members of the group. This will usually result in a discussion over coffee to see where any project may go.


If you are interested in applying for a PhD in the Cambridge Materials Science Department

There is extensive information about applying for the PhD programme on the main Department website (  If you are interested in applying to join the Electron Microscopy group as a PhD student then you should look at our Research and Recent Publications pages to get an idea of the current research trends. If you would like to discuss potential projects or research areas with specific members of the team then you should contact them to arrange a meeting.


If you are a post-doctoral researcher

Post-doctoral research positions in the group become available at different times throughout the year. These are always posted on the main University's Job Opportunities site.


If you are looking for a Technical Officer post

A new post is being advertised for Advanced TEM Technical Officer. Details are published here, reference LJ27772.