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Electron Microscopy Group


Here is a list of EM Group members, with contact details.

NB Telephone extension numbers should be preceded by +44 (0) 1223 3 #####'

Academic Staff Tel. extension Room  Email (add Status Portrait
Prof Paul A Midgley FRS 34561 0_029 pam33 Head of Department and Professor of Materials Science Paul Midgley
Prof Caterina Ducati 34566 0_027 cd251

Professor and Director of the Wolfson Microscopy Suite

Director of the MPhil in Micro and Nanotechnology Enterprise

Cate Ducati
Dr Emilie Ringe 34300   er407

Joint Lecturer MSM&ES

Research and Technical Staff Tel. Room Email Status Portrait
Dr Giorgio Divitini 34562 0_025 gd322 Advanced TEM Technical Officer (until 31 Jul 21) Giorgio Divitini
Dr Owen Saxton 34562 0_025 wos1 Senior Research Fellow
Dr John Walmsley 34564 0_026 jcw80 WEMS Facility Manager John-Photo
Postdoctoral Research Associates Tel. Room Email Research Group Portrait
Dr Alison C Harrison 34562 0_025 act27 PAM  
Dr Yurii P Ivanov 34597 0_025 ii243 ALG/PAM  
Dr James C Loudon 34562 0_025 jcl25 PAM
Dr Amoghavarsha Mahadevegowda 34562 0_025 am2729 CD Amog_Photo
Dr Petr Vacek 34597 0_025 pv305 PAM  
PhD Students Tel. Room Email Research Group Portrait
Liam Bird 34562 0_025 llrb2 CD
Phillip Crout 34597 0_025 pc494 PAM
Tiarnan Doherty 34597 0_025 td404 Dr Sam Stranks (Phy), Visiting  
Jordi Ferrer Orri 34562 0_025 jf631 SS/CD jf631-profile
Felix Utama Kosasih 34562 0_025 fuk21 CD
Joonatan Laulainen 34597 0_025 jeml3 PAM  

George Lewis

34562 0_025 grl31 PAM/ER
Mai Ching Lai 34562 0_025 mcl63 CD  

Jędrzej Morzy

34562 0_025 jdkm2 CD / MFLD jdkm2-Profile
Administrative Support Staff Tel. Room Email    
Anne Chippindale +44 01223 763943 5_013 WEMS Facility Administrator
Ana Talaban-Bailey 34458 0_028 ajt69   PA to PAM and CD