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Dr James Loudon

James Loudon


James Loudon is investigating the behaviour of flux vortices in high temperature superconductors by real-time imaging using electron microscopy. He was a Royal Society University Research Fellow and Director of Studies in Physics and Materials Science at Homerton College

Prior to this he was a postdoctoral researcher (2006-2007) at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA, investigating the structure and properties of functional magnetic oxide materials using high resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy. Before that, he was a Junior Research Fellow at Homerton College, University of Cambridge (2003-2006). 

His PhD (2000-2003, received in March 2004) is entitled 'An Investigation of the Unconventional Phases in the Lanthanum Calcium Manganite System'. The thesis describes an investigation of the unusual low temperature phase transitions which occur in (La,Ca)MnO3, a so-called colossal-magnetoresistive (CMR) material. To download a pdf version of the thesis (14MB) click here

James gave lectures in electron microscopy for the PhD and MPhil courses in Nanotechnology and his lecture notes can be downloaded from here