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Members of the EM group are actively involved in promoting scientific research in various contexts.

- The Making Materials Matter Project:

Duncan contributes to Making Materials Matter. The project engages with Yr8 students and teachers of science from ten UK state schools with the aims of enriching the science curriculum, increasing awareness of Materials Science and supporting teachers in raising aspirations and inspiring their students to pursue further study of the physical sciences. Follow up events are offered to all students involved throughout their secondary education.

If you are an interested teacher, follow this link to register for the next Science Teachers Conference (London, 1 November 2019)

Duncan also lectures for two projects run by the Department:

- "Inspire" for Yr11 female students.

- "Headstart: focus on materials" for Yr12 students.

Cate contributes to Residential courses organised by Trinity College:

- "Women in STEM Residential" for Yr12 students 


- The Naked Scientists:

John and Simon are featured in this podcast, describing the process of imaging a bee in a scanning electron microscope. Links:

Full podcast episode - Section on SEM